Neigh Hassle- Horsebox hire and transport service

We pride ourselves as professional transport where the horses are the priority. Ensuring that we have high bio-security measures in place is fundamental to our business. I have been so thankful to be have found Stable Shield, the leading disinfectant product in the market. We use Stable Shield to wash all our horse boxes before and after each transport booking.  Having the confidence that the disinfectant targets all equine bacteria gives us peace of mind for offering the best for our clients.

Laura Collett, International Eventer:

“With the horses travelling so frequently, biosecurity of their home environment is essential in order to prevent the spread of disease and ensure they are able to perform at their best. Whilst the horses are out on their holidays is the perfect time to wash, disinfect and paint the yard. I use the disinfectant and Antibacterial Stable Paint provided by Stable Shield.

I regularly use the disinfectant at home in the stables, wash bays and drains since it’s non corrosive, alcohol-free and kills 99.999% of bacteria. Disinfecting the lorry is now part of our post-competition routine, as an extra barrier of defence against common equine infections such as Ringworm, Strangles and EHV.”

Tom McEwen, International Eventer:

“Painting a barn of 20 stables is no ‘quick’ task, however it is made a much easier when you know it is going to last. Stable Shield Anti-Bacterial paint is always our choice. It applies really well to all sorts of stone surfaces, dries quickly and leaves a lovely gloss finish.

With so many horses that are normally travelling around the country and beyond on a weekly basis, an Anti-Bacterial paint is perfect for the environment in which they spend a lot of their downtime in. Water resistance means that it is easy to maintain a perfect finish on the yard, a simple wipe down of stable walls from time to time to get rid of any dirt and it looks freshly painted once again!”

Jonjo O'Neill, National Hunt Trainer

“At Jackdaws Castle, the health of the horses in our care is of the upmost importance. We’ve been using Stable Shield Antibacterial Paint for over four years to ensure the horses are stabled in the best possible environment, thus enabling them to perform to the best of their ability”

Jay Halim, International Showjumper

“It was great to find a disinfectant which targets equine-specific bacteria whilst also being safe to use at shows, on the lorry and equipment as well as in the stables.

The horses travel regularly, so it’s important to make sure they don’t pick up or bring home any nasties from their travels. Since adding Stable Shield Disinfectant into our routine, I’ve noticed a marked decrease in bugs and skin conditions such as Ringworm.”

William Pittendrigh, Show Rider

“I have been using Stable Shield for one year now and I’m thrilled with their products. The disinfectant is very easy to use and smells great. The paint too is a superb quality and very easy to maintain.
After six months, my stables still look brand new since being painted. The Stable Shield Plus has left a wonderful shine and it’s a relief to know it is helping protect my stables from harmful bacteria.”

Georgie Armstrong, International Showjumper

“Since starting to use stable Stable Shield we have noticed so many benefits on our yard. We can be confident that our horses are kept safe and hygienic, spraying stables down before new horses move in and the same with our horse boxes too.

We use it regularly at stay away shows to ensure that the stables our horses will be staying in are clean and ready for them and even use it when washing saddle pads and bits for the added protection. Stable Shield protects against so much and is the leading antibacterial product on the equestrian market. Thank you for keeping our horses safe and healthy Stable Shield.”

Helen Bates, International Eventer

“Biosecurity in the yard has become a very topical subject in recent times. I have used the Stable Shield Disinfectant for a huge variety of surfaces, including the lorry, stables (both at home and when travelling to stay away shows) and all buckets and stable equipment. It’s the perfect choice for me as it is targeted towards equine specific pathogens yet also is safe to use around the horses. It is reassuring to know that we are preventing the spread of any potential bacteria and diseases and keeping the horses healthy so they can perform at their best.

After moving into a new yard this year it was clear the barn needed a bit of a makeover. We had a lot of pressure washing, disinfecting and painting to do! Stable Shield paint has provided the perfect finish to upgrade the walls on the yard, in the stables and wash bays. With it’s non-toxic anti-bacterial properties and waterproof seal it is perfect for the horses, to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene on the yard. The hard-wearing high gloss finish makes the yard look super smart and bright too and has provided the perfect ‘glow-up’ to our yard!”

Dani Evans, International Eventer:

“Good biosecurity is so important, especially at the moment. We’ve been using Stable Shield Disinfectant at home for everything: the tack, stables, boots, rugs and saddle pads – it’s non-corrosive, so it’s safe and doesn’t destroy everything!

Now we can travel to compete and train again, we’re making sure to disinfect the lorry with the sprayer when we get home too, to make sure we don’t bring any diseases back with us.”

Emily Young Jamieson, International Eventer:

“I have been extremely impressed with the results of the Stable Shield disinfectant. At a time when I can’t ride due to breaking my neck and back earlier in the year, it has given the perfect opportunity for the whole yard to have a thorough deep clean!

Biosecurity protocols are essential and with Stable Shield it gives you the confidence that you have protected against equine specific pathogens.”

Naomi Round, Eventer:

“The paint has been amazing as we were able to start the new stable block off with it. Jerry has always suffered through the winter in the old block due to the mould. Since having our new stables painted with Stable Shield, there has been a remarkable difference in his breathing.

They are on a mix of wood pellets and chopped straw, so we take the wet out weekly. After which I use the disinfectant before putting fresh bedding down. It keeps the stables smelling fresh and I know that the horses are safe from any bacteria.”

Vittoria Panizzon, International Eventer:

“When competing at the highest level we as riders make every effort to be as prepared as possible. I have therefore been using Stable Shield for the past few years as part of ensuring biosecurity for my yard.

With horses regularly travelling across the country and internationally, it is vital that we try to prevent the spread of any potential disease/bacteria. This is key to the horses wellbeing and also ensures they will be feeling their best, and therefore hopefully be able to perform to the best of their ability!

More recently I have found it to be essential to use during the off season, as with the milder and wetter winters we have been experiencing, the spread of bacteria could have the potential to get out of control! In addition a lick of fresh paint always helps brighten the yard on the gloomier wintery days!”

Alan Creighton, Environmental Scientist at Equine Health Ireland:

“Stable hygiene is about being proactive rather than reactive. Barrier paints/coatings and disinfection are an essential part of the modern performance yard.”

Oliver Sherwood, Grand National Winning Trainer:

“We have used the paint and couldn’t be happier with it, other than doing its job of killing all the bugs it’s an incredibly hard wearing product that I predict will last for a long time.”

Nicky Henderson, Champion Trainer:

“Bio Security in the equine industry is becoming more and more important all the time due to milder weather conditions creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As a yard competing at the highest level it is imperative that we take every precaution to ensure that our horses remain healthy and are therefore able to be trained to the best of their ability. Using Stable Shield antimicrobial paint assists us greatly in this process.”

Paul Croke, Head Stallion Man at the Irish National Stud:

“Biosecurity is of the upmost importance in our busy stud farm, Stable Shield was recommended to us by our biosecurity consultant.

Stable Shield Antibacterial Paint is a product which helps us to maintain a high standard of hygiene and presentation, while ensuring that our stock is in a clean and healthy environment. This paint is easy to apply and is very durable, standing up to power-washing without requiring frequent repainting”

Phillip Hobbs, National Hunt Trainer:

“We started using Yard and Stable Hygiene Services just over a year ago and have been very happy with the results. The paint has lasted well throughout the season and as a result we have had to do very little painting this year”

Tom George, National Hunt Trainer:

“We have been using Stable Shield Antibacterial Paint for the last two years, we are delighted with the finish and durability of the product”

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