Tom McEwen International Eventer says:

“Painting a barn of 20 stables is no ‘quick’ task, however it is made a much easier when you know it is going to last. Stable Shield Anti-Bacterial paint is always our choice. It applies really well to all sorts of stone surfaces, dries quickly and leaves a lovely gloss finish. With so many horses that are normally travelling around the country and beyond on a weekly basis, an Anti-Bacterial paint is perfect for the environment in which they spend a lot of their downtime in. Water resistance means that it is easy to maintain a perfect finish on the yard, a simple wipe down of stable walls from time to time to get rid of any dirt and it looks freshly painted once again!”

Alan Creighton, Environmental Scientist at Equine Health Ireland, says:

“Stable hygiene is about being proactive rather than reactive. Barrier paints/coatings and disinfection are an essential part of the modern performance yard.”

Stable Shield

Oliver Sherwood, Grand National winning trainer, says:

“We have used the paint and couldn’t be happier with it, other than doing its job of killing all the bugs it’s an incredibly hard wearing product that I predict will last for a long time.”

Champion Trainer, Nicky Henderson, says:

“Bio Security in the equine industry is becoming more and more important all the time due to milder weather conditions creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As a yard competing at the highest level it is imperative that we take every precaution to ensure that our horses remain healthy and are therefore able to be trained to the best of their ability. Using Stable Shield antimicrobial paint assists us greatly in this process.”

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