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8 top tips to clean your stables and yard in summer

Although summer feels like it is only just starting to appear, lots of the horses are on holiday and it is time to do those yard jobs that are always on your to-do list. 

1. Stables need to be fully emptied, rubber matting removed and any feeding/water troughs removed if possible. 

2. Disinfecting of the entire stable with a high-powered washer always working from the floor up. Find a good day that the horses can be in the paddock!

3. Ensure feeding and drinking troughs are fully cleaned and disinfected. 

4. Make sure the stable is fully dry before replacing the rubber matting and bedding. 

5. Make sure any repairs to the stable/yard are carried out including any loose nuts and bolts.

6. Summer is also a great time to paint your stables. Using Stable Shield anti-bacterial paint prevents the spread and growth of harmful bacteria by 99.8%. Stable Shield anti-bacterial paint can be used in tack rooms, feed rooms, yards and hay barns. Not only does this freshen up your yard but creates a clean enviroment which helps horses with their respiratory systems. 

7. Organise your tack room. It is a good idea to wash your winter rugs. This can be done with Stable Shield disinfectant. 

8. Clean up the feed room by sweeping the floors and getting rid of any cobwebs. 

Did you know that our Stable Shield disinfectant can be used on many surfaces including rugs, blankets and all forms of tack in addition to regular use on stables, walkers and horses transport.