Best practice in preparing your stable


Avoid contact with skin or eyes.  We advise you wear gloves and protective eye wear when preparing the walls with a scraper, steam cleaning the walls before painting and when applying Stable Shield to the walls.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep out of reach from children.

Preparing the surface

  • Preparing a surface to apply the Stable Shield products is important as proper preparation ensures you will get the most out of the products.

  • The surface must be dry before application.

  • All loose parts of the surface must be removed which can be done with a scraper.

  • Ensure surfaces are clean and void of dust or dirt. We would advise steam cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces before applying Stable Shield products.

  • Check the temperature – it must not be below 5 degrees.

  • If the surface is new, bare or a particularly porous surface then it is important to apply Stable Shield BASE before Stable Shield Antibacterial and Stable Shield PLUS. If the surface is old and has had numerous coats of paint on in the past, it may be that you are finding it hard to remove all the flakey and dusty material. This is when you must apply Stable Fix, which is a fixating primer that will stabilize the surface before Stable Shield BASE and Stable Shield Antibacterial paint. Stable Fix not only stabilizes the surface but creates an adhesive surface to add longevity to all future Stable Shield products that will be applied.

Preparing the area

We would always advise placing dust sheets on the floor around where you are painting, particularly when applying Stable Shield PLUS as any spills or drips will be difficult to remove at a later date due to its hard wearing nature.

Preparing the paint

Stable Shield BASE and Stable Shield Antibacterial must be mixed thoroughly, preferably with a drill and a mixing paddle. However by hand is adequate. Stable Shield PLUS MUST be mixed mechanically with a drill and mixing paddle. Please see our demonstration video. Before application pour component B (mixer) into component A (Stable Shield PLUS). Mix thoroughly mechanically. Rest for 5 minutes until all bubbles have disappeared. Apply coating within 7 hours of mixing. Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees.

Stable Shield BASE, Stable Shield Antibacterial and Stable Shield PLUS can all be applied with a roller, spray gun and a brush. Stable Fix can be applied with a roller or a brush.

Apply the paint evenly throughout. Avoid putting too much on at once or the paint will run. Drying times are different for each paint and are indicated on the back of the tins. When painting small areas – like around stable doors or when doing the line between white and black we would advise using a small hand brush.

Clean paint from the brushes and rollers with a cloth and then wash with water. Antimicrobial technology is not a replacement for cleaning and usual protocol should be followed. If for unforeseen circumstances you are pulled away from painting, wrap the brush and/or the roller in a carrier bag to prevent the paint drying and hardening.

Steam clean / pressure wash and de-grease every 6 months. Mist every two weeks with an electrostatic disinfecting mister. Regularly remove dirt and grime from areas such as window ledges and feed mangers. Ensure regular ventilation.