Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Stable Shield and Stable Shield PLUS?

They have the same antibacterial additives, however Stable Shield PLUS is a considerably harder wearing paint and will withstand more extreme conditions. We would advice using Stable Shield PLUS if you have older damper stables that would be prone to aspergillum or mould growing on the walls.

Do I have to use your base coat or will any ordinary base coat work?

We would advice using our BASE coat as it is the tried and tested system and it is a specially designed for increased coverage this in turn reducing cost. However it is not an essential, it is essential to use a masonry base coat though.

How long does Stable Shield last?

It is all dependent on the environment.
Stable Shield – approximately 3 + years in a non extreme environment with enough airflow.
Stable Shield PLUS – approximately 5 + years in a non extreme environment with enough airflow.

Who has used Stable Shield?

Stable Shield is currently applied and in use at professional yards such as Sir Michael Stoute, William Haggas, Nicky Henderson, Oliver Sherwood, Hugo Palmer, Aidan O’Brian and many more with great success. Stable Shield has also been applied in racecourse stabling in Meydan Dubai and is currently being applied at the Curragh racecourse in Ireland.

How do you apply Stable Shield?

Stable Shield and Stable Shield PLUS can be applied using a brush, roller, or airless spray gun. The applications team at our sister company Yard and Stable Hygiene Services find that using a roller for the main body of brick work and a smaller masonry brush to cut in the lines and corners is the best way of applying Stable Shield products.

Is it toxic to Animals and Humans?

No, only to bacteria! Stable Shield is a non toxic product that is water based not solvent based.

How does it work?

Stable Shield incorporates a dry film that protects against the growth and spread of bacteria and mould, it does not allow the bacteria to live on it.