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Stable Shield is committed to improving the biosecurity for your horse. Biosecurity is a simple routine of preventative measures to help protect against bacteria, infections and diseases. Stable Shield is the PREMIER anti-bacterial paint developed specifically for your stables and yard. The proprietary formulation creates a dry film that protects against the growth and spread of harmful bacteria by 99.9%


Why Use Stable Shield Antibacterial Paint

There has never been a better time to start using Stable Shield antibacterial paint to protect and safeguard your yard. Stable Shield provides an extra barrier, hence reducing the risk of your horse getting ill. The range of antibiotics available is slowly decreasing, as pathogens are slowly building up a resistance and immunity, meaning they are getting harder and harder to treat. At Stable Shield we have a passion for prevention over cure and we believe we all have a sense of duty to horse well being. This can be achieved by removing the emphasis on drugs and antibiotics and focusing on protocol and procedures that considerably reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens within the equine world. We believe this can be achieved by correct bio-security processes and making sure every measure is taken to keep stable environments clean and disease free.

With diseases easily spread, we should be doing everything we can to minimise the risk to our yards and our horses. By adopting a regular cleaning regime combined with Stable Shield antibacterial paint, you can relax in the knowledge your yard is better protected. To ensure Stable Shield works to its maximum effectiveness, we recommend that your stable is correctly ventilated and cleaned regularly, dirt cleaned from the stable walls, power washed at least every 6 months, then disinfected monthly.

What is Stable Shield antibacterial paint

Stable Shield is a water-based non-toxic paint that can be applied to stables to assist in creating a bio-secure environment for your horse.

Through technological advances in the specific formulations, the antibacterial paint lasts up to three to five years  depending on which product you choose and on the environment. We would advise the paint is then re-applied to ensure the extra barrier in your stable / yard once more.

Easy to apply on walls and ceilings, the paint is adhesive to most surfaces including wood and plastic. Its durable and hardwearing nature is ideal for all yards including, newly built yards, stables, tack rooms, feed rooms and hay barns.

Stable Shield products have been tested by independent laboratories including TNO, the largest research institute in the Netherlands and complies to ISO 22196:201. It is also fully tested by the Irish Equine Centre and approved by Equine Health Ireland.

The Range

We offer Stable Shield Antibacterial paint and the premium product, Stable Shield PLUS (which comes with its mixer). We also recommend you use Stable Shield Base Coat in order to prepare the surface before applying.

While the Stable Shield Antibacterial will last up to 3 years, Stable Shield Plus is a harder wearing, 2-pack coating that will last up to 5 years. Both are cost effective when painting with a standard paint on an annual basis, and you have the additional antibacterial protection.

Stable Shield Antibacterial Paint

These come in 2.5l and 5l tins. A 2.5l tin will cover up to 25 square meters or a 12ft x 12ft stable. 5 litres will paint 2+ 12ft x 12ft stables.  (This is a broad approximation and depends on the porosity and condition of the stables). The paint colours come in black and white. We recommend you reapply the Stable Shield Antibacterial every 3 years if the coating remains in a good condition.

Stable Shield PLUS

Is our hardest wearing antibacterial coating, recommended also for damp environments. This comes in a 5l tin and a mixer that is poured into the Stable Shield Plus tin. A 5l tin will paint 2+ 12ft x 12ft stables.  (This is a broad approximation and depends on the porosity and condition of the stables). The paint colours come in black, white and clear. We recommend you reapply the Stable Shield PLUS every 5 years if the coating remain in good condition.

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Who we are

The coatings were initially designed to meet the high biosecurity standards required in hospitals and the food and beverage industry. After substantial research and development to increase the durability of the paint in order to perform in harsher environments, Stable Shield was born.

Stable Shield was founded by Tom Fillery and David Jeffreys after spending 10 years working in the heart of National Hunt Racing.  Tom and David identified the need for an antimicrobial coating in the equine world after seeing firsthand the effects of micro-organisms lying dormant on stable walls on a horse’s performance.

It is proving to be effective and popular with both professional and leisure yards across the UK and Ireland.

Our Sister Company

Yard & Stable


Yard & Stable Hygiene Services provides a comprehensive equine and agricultural steam cleaning, disinfecting and painting service. We are an easy, cost effective way to clean and paint your stables, barns and yards.

The professional teams have extensive experience in preventing potential contamination in your yard and advising /implementing action plans for the recovery process should contamination have occurred.

Yard & Stable Hygiene Services also provides a number of other services and products including but not limited to stable build management services, supply of stalls, water treatment plants etc. Please contact us if you would like further information!

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