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Three reasons to use antibacterial paint

Lasting and effective protection

A wide range of research has gone into anti-bacterial paint.This has resulted in, finally proving that the additives within the product will provide lasting and effective protection. This will include protection against harmful, bacteria mould and fungi. This will simply help your paint or the coating you have applied to minimise any staining, bad odours or material degradation. Any microbes will struggle to survive as long as there is a layer of anti-bacterial paint applied throughout the stable.

Cost effective

Many people believe that anti-bacterial paint will be expensive. However, this isn’t the case. Anti-bacterial paints can be very cost effective. Due to its structure and adaptiveness it can be manufactured into many different forms but at a cost-effective rate. These forms of anti-bacterial paint will include liquid, water based, and powder. Coatings can come in different forms such as decorative, speciality inks, and industrial. By having many different forms of anti-bacterial paint allows the manufactures to produce the product at a lower rate. This will result the product to be sold at a more reasonable price. Visit our shop to discover out products.

Prolong the shelf-life

Over the years we can finally say that ant-bacterial paint has a longer expected lifetime then your standard paint. If we look at an unopened acrylic paint pot it well known that it will last up to ten years. it is also not un common oil based paints that haven’t been used to last into their mid-teens. As we all know as soon as the lid is removed the chances of the risk of becoming lumpy is increased due to exposure to air.

If we look at anti-bacterial paint additives it has been proven to prolong the shelf-life of paint products. The products used to repel bacteria and mould will help to decrease the chance of degradation. This will just ensure the paint can be used for longer.

Preventing bacteria from spreading

Overall the real reason for anti-bacterial paint is to prevent bacteria and harmful diseases to spread throughout the stable. If there are existing bacteria living on the surfaces of the walls. This can be a source of infection and can be seen as an obstacle in providing a healthy life for the horse. By applying anti-bacterial paint will not only take away existing bacteria but will definitely prevent further bacteria being able to live within the stable walls. By applying the paint will not only protect the horses but will further protect the hostler or ostler or whoever it to visit the horse in the future. Many anti-bacterial paints can be applied to multiple surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete, block, steel and most plastics. This is perfect as it will suit almost anyone who owns a stable and horses.